Demonstration of our energy Monitoring system

This is the demonstration of the energy management system that we implement to our clients

Energy Management System

Schneider's Ecostruxture Power Monitor Expert is monitoring and analyzing electrical supply.
PME uses the data collected from electrical meters to help improve efficiency and generate the report.

Advanced metering capabilities that help the engineer to apprehend a more in-depth analysis of the electrical network.

Real-Time Data

Capture real-time usage from distributed sites and assets

Energy related information

Capture advanced metrics to optimize consumption


Real-time alerts to detect and avoid demand charges


Correlate power consumption and industrial sensor data to analyze the efficiency

Why do you need it ?


Assessment of data from PME can reveal existing or imminent issues that can adversely affect the operation and product within a facility. Historical date from PME can help locate and correct both acute and chronic problems, resulting in increased productivity.


Data trends can forecast and notify the appropriate people when discrete equipment parameters may be exceeded, allowing you to plan ahead instead of facing an unscheduled shutdown.


PME can limit the exposure of personnel to the potentially hazardous electrical environment by providing remote status and operational variety of additional parameters (temperature, pressure flow rate, status indicator, etc.) through the use of transducers.


A better knowledge of how energy is used within a facility allows you to identify an array of prospects to improve efficiency, minimize waste and reduce energy consumption, thereby allowing the facility to be a better steward of its allotted natural resources.

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